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From the bride:

I didn't start working with Sara until later in our planning process, but I can't imagine our wedding happening without her. I tend to think of myself as a very organized person and had my interior designer mother to help plan our wedding, but there is no question that Sara was absolutely indispensible to our process. Sara has an amazing personality - she is funny, compassionate, understanding, and a great listener - which made what can typically be a stressful planning process actually fun! There are so many details and decisions in a wedding, and Sara not only helped us make these decisions but also brought up details that I never would have even thought of. Moreover, knowing that Sara was running everything on the day of allowed my mother and I to actually enjoy the wedding day - all of our planning was done, and we could just relax and really be in the moment while Sara ran the show. Most importantly, from not even knowing Sara before our wedding to now three years later, I gained a one-of-a-kind friend. - Kate

Photographer: Leah McCormick